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The Hē Chá Tea Spotlight today will focus on our Jasmine White Tea Pearls.

Jasmine White Tea Pearls Dry Leaves

Jasmine White Tea Pearls Dry Leaves

Our Jasmine White Tea Pearls are imported directly from their origin in Fuding county, Fujian Province, China. Each pearl is a fine plucked tea leaf from the standard Da Bai Cha (Big White Tea) tea bush. The leaf is then processed similarly to green tea. The processing continues as the tea leaves are allowed to sit in the presence of fresh jasmine flowers, whose soothing scent is absorbed by the fresh tea leaves. The leaves are then individually hand rolled by highly skilled factory employees.

These white tea pearls are a true pleasure for the senses. The pleasure begins with the aromatic and relaxing scent of jasmine flowers. As the tea pearls are placed in hot water, they begin to unwind, and appear to dance in the water. With multiple infusions, these pearls will fully unfurl into their natural shape, with fully intact tea leaves and buds being the result.

Jasmine White Tea Pearls Liquor

Jasmine White Tea Pearls Liquor

The tea liquor carries the fresh jasmine aroma. The liquor is bright and transparent, with a light yellow color. The taste is delicate and floral, and the fresh jasmine begins to wash away your worries sip by sip. If you have many worries to wash away, then have no fear, for these pearls can be infused at least three times. Each infusion will provide you with the soothing tastes of jasmine and white tea. Do not be ashamed to pull out some infused leaves and observe them, once they have cooled. Appreciating the beauty of the leaves is a very important aspect of the tea experience.

The Jasmine White Tea Pearls should be steeped in water that is between 175°F to 185°F (80°C to 85°C) for two to three minutes. For a lighter and more delicate taste, brew for two minutes. The longer the leaves are steeped, the stronger the taste will be. Do not steep for longer than three minutes, or the tea may become bitter. Be careful not to use too hot of water, or the delicate leaves may be damaged, and the taste be negatively impacted. Simply bring fresh water to a boil, remove the kettle from the heat source, then allow it to sit for three to four minutes before pouring the water over the tea pearls.

As with all teas, the Jasmine White Tea Pearls do contain caffeine, but not as high of a level as most black teas, and nowhere near the caffeine level of coffee. If you are caffeine sensitive, you may use this simple at home technique to remove some of the caffeine from this tea. Simply pour the hot water over the tea pearls for about twenty seconds, using just enough water to cover the pearls, then pour this first tea infusion into the sink. Much of the caffeine is withdrawn from the leaves in the first twenty seconds. Again, this technique will not pull all of the caffeine out. Then pour the hot water over the tea pearls as directed in the paragraph above. Don’t worry, there is plenty of taste in these leaves, and disposing of the first infusion will not waste the taste.

The Jasmine White Tea Pearls, and all of our six loose leaf tea choices, can be found on Amazon.com, and in coffee shops that serve our teas. As of the date of this post, the Jasmine White Tea Pearls can be found at the following locations:

Pennie’s Bake Shop & Espresso Bar, 800 New Castle St, Butler, PA 16001

Curbside Coffeehouse, 405 Freeport Rd, Blawnox, PA 15238

Cafe Kolache, 402 3rd St, Beaver, PA 15009

Spring Street Cafe, 100 E Spring St, Zelienople, PA 16063

Mezza Luna Cafe, 649 Midland Ave, Midland, PA 15059

The Mudd House, 1724 M St NW, Washington, D.C. 20036

DeAngelis Donuts, 202 Pleasant St, Rochester, PA 15074

More locations will be posted as they receive delivery of our teas. Please stop by one of the locations listed above, and sip on the Jasmine White Tea Pearls while enjoying a delicious baked good or other fare offered.

Thank you for taking your time to learn about our Jasmine White Tea Pearls. If you have any questions regarding this product, please leave a comment, or contact Hē Chá Tea. Cheers!