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Our second tea tasting event took place on Sunday, December 1st at the Spring Street Cafe in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, and we are quite pleased with the outcome. Despite the busy holiday weekend, at least twenty guests attended. In addition, the people that got held up traveling, or otherwise could not attend this event, requested that a second event be scheduled at Spring Street Cafe, and so it has! The sign up sheet is filling up quickly already.

The guests were provided with some basic to intermediate levels of information on tea, focusing mostly on the products offered by Hē Chá Tea. Guests had the opportunity to learn about the features of dry tea leaves that should be observed to determine the level of quality, as well as the significant features of the infused tea leaves, as the leaves were passed around the room. Guests were also taught how the color and appearance of the tea liquor indicates quality.

Again, there seemed to be a nearly perfect distribution of preference for each of the Hē Chá Tea products. Guests were most vocal about their excitement over the Earl Grey Prime and Traditional Masala Chai products. As our two most recent upgrades in the product line, replacing our original Earl Grey and Chai blends, we were very pleased to hear the guests’ positive words and reactions to these two teas. Many of the guests were amazed by the difference they tasted in the Earl Grey Prime compared to the other Earl Grey products, both bagged and loose, that they had prior experience with. As the first brand in the U.S. to import tea directly from this particular tea producer in Sri Lanka, we understand why our Earl Grey Prime is a special product, and it appears that the guests at this event understand that as well. The clean and natural, yet spicy, tastes of our new Traditional Masala Chai also put smiles on numerous faces.

The two guests, one male and one female, who offered their opinions on how the teas ranked, had completely opposite rankings! One had the Mount Ali Milk Oolong as their favorite, with the Jasmine Pearls being last. The other guest had the Jasmine Pearls as the favorite, with the oolong being last. One guest bought an entire pound of the Taste of Paradise Fruit Tisane. At the end of the event, when the remaining inventory of one ounce sample tins was counted, the Moroccan Mint Green Tea ended up having the least tins remaining, meaning that was the big seller after the event!

Literally speaking, every single tea was praised by our guests! When asked to be honest and provide negative feedback, there was but one semi-negative comment. That particular guest said simply that the fruit tisane would taste great as an iced beverage, but they did not care for it hot. Now that is one negative that is easy to turn into a positive.

As the event concluded, and our host, Kevin Craig, the Tea Journeyman, spoke with guests as they exited the room, the excitement and support of the guests was both a humbling and motivating experience.

The conclusion to be made from this event is that people will be excited when they are introduced to high quality loose leaf teas! Many people think that tea is tea, whether in a tea bag or loose. We think our guests got a delicious taste of the truth, that high quality loose leaf tea has no equal.

We invite all of you to join in on one of our future tea tasting events, and give us a chance to open your eyes to the tasteful and pleasing world of loose leaf tea. At the moment, our next tasting event is scheduled for Sunday, January 12th of 2014 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM at the Spring Street Cafe. There is a possibility of an earlier tasting being in the works, and we will make that announcement when the date has been finalized.

In the meantime, stop by the Spring Street Cafe in Zelienople, Pennsylvania. It is right off of Route 19 North. The sandwiches are phenomenal, as well as the cookies and other baked goods. Whichever fare you decide to try, there will be a Hē Chá Tea product that will compliment your meal perfectly.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, and we hope to see you and your friends and family at a Hē Chá Tea tasting event in the future. Cheers!